Sunday School

Children of all ages can profit greatly from the word of God. The word of God is quick and lively, and the Holy Spirit uses the preached, taught, and memorized Word, even in the smallest of the Church’s members.

The primary part of our Sunday School program is Bible teaching. Beginning in Genesis and ending with Revelation, we teach through the major stories of the Bible during two year cycles, which means by the time a child completes the 6th grade they will have gone through the Bible at least four times.

Catechism is used to supplement Bible teaching. At two years of age children begin learning and memorizing the Children’s Catechism, moving on to the Heidelberg Catechism.

Scripture memorization is integrated in each of the children Sunday School classes, including Pre-Kindergarten.

Children Sunday School Classes

Age/Grade Class
2—5 Beginners
K—1st Primary
2—4th Intermediate
5—6th Advanced
7—9th Catechism (church history)

Adult Sunday School Class

The Sunday School class is taught by Associate Pastor Frank Walker and the elders. Studies include books of the Bible and a variety of theological topics.

Book Table

Covenant Reformed Church operates a selection of Christian books and Reformed classics for building believers in the faith. We stock books on Reformed theology and practice. Authors include Dabney, Calvin, Luther, Turretin, Warfield, Spurgeon, and our own Pastor Emeritus, Reverend Jim West.

Rev. Jim West

Drinking with Calvin and Luther

The Glorious Foundation of Christ: The Missing Clincher argument in the Tongues’ Debate

Christian Courtship Versus the Dating Game

The Covenant Baptism of Infants

Dr. Frank Walker, Ph.D.

Covenant Theology: Sovereign and Gracious

Theological Sources of the Heidelberg Catechism

Biblical Church Government: The Church Fulfilling its Calling

What is the Gospel: A Summary of the Christian Faith

City Seminary

Covenant Reformed Church of Sacramento believes that every metropolitan area in the United States should have a classical, graduate level seminary. A seminary that would serve those students who are called to the ministry, but are unable or unwilling to uproot their families to move to a different city, incur debt, or leave the oversight of their local church. In the fall of 2000, City Seminary opened it doors to serve Protestant churches and students of the greater Sacramento area.

The seminary offers programs leading to the degrees of Associate of Theological Studies, Master of Theological Studies (2-year); Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity (4-year); Certificates in Apologetics, Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology, and Pastoral Theology. Individual courses are also available for auditing and general study. Those interested in further information should visit the Seminary’s website.